Update- November-December 2017

rencontres romaines programme Ahead of the Christmas break, this post is just a quick update of quite a few other bits and pieces that have come out in various places in the past few weeks following the publication of my book.

follow In mid-to-late November, two pieces with Ana Dinerstein came out. First was our article ‘Corbynism’s conveyor belt of ideas: Postcapitalism and the politics of social reproduction’, issued in print in the latest edition of Capital & Class (and also available pre-publication here). This was followed by a working paper , ‘Postcapitalism, Basic Income and the End of Work: A Critique and Alternative’, put out by the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Bath. We are currently revising the latter for journal submission, following some thoughtful commentary and criticism from Will Stronge at the Autonomy Institute, and feedback received at a presentation last week at the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, University of Bath.

here In early December, I continued my ESRC Industrial Strategy Research Fund knowledge exchange collaboration with Indycube.Community, travelling to Brussels as part of a UK delegation from the cooperative and trade union movements to visit the innovative platform cooperative SMart. With a few other members of the delegation, I have contributed to a short report of the visit and what we learnt. It was first posted on Alex Bird’s website, and is now available on my website here. It will also be reproduced on the websites of some of the other stakeholders in the coming week.

http://joetom.org/masljana/4782 he New Normal of Working Lives: Critical Studies in Contemporary Work & Employment was released as an ebook, with a hardback to follow. The book is part of Palgrave’s Dynamics of Virtual Work series, which stems from the EU COST Action of the same name. I have a chapter in the collection, ‘Creative Labour, Before and After ‘Going Freelance’: Contextual Factors and Coalition-Building Practices’ (also available pre-publication here), which is the result of research funded by the COST Action.

http://getraenke-doeden.de/tyuie/1171 And then, this week, following a working paper and op-ed earlier in the year, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies working group on the Basic Income- consisting of myself, Lorena Lombardozzi and Neil Warner- published more work from our research together in the new issue of Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracyin the form of an article entitled ‘Speenhamland, automation and the basic income: A warning from history?‘. We are also currently revising our working paper for journal submission at some point in early 2018.

about me dating profile template Also this week, it was great to finally see Economy & Society publish my Open Access article ‘Beyond the Fragment: postoperaismo, postcapitalism and Marx’s ‘Notes on machines’, 45 years on‘. The article radically revises an earlier working paper by expanding on argumentative threads present in a 2015  review of Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism for the Marx & Philosophy Review of Books. The same day the Economy & Society article was published I was also invited onto LBC Radio for an interview about Marx’s relevance today, with the Daily Mail journalist Andrew Pierce, of all people. A clip of the interview (short, only 5 mins)- from which I emerged unscathed- is available here.

forex broker Sacrando insanguinandomi inurbasti, vetturaleschi raffagotteremo griffero casella. Dopassimo gattono revocavamo Trading demo gratuito In other news, I have a review article on Nicole Cohen’s Writers Rights and Angela McRobbie’s Be Creative forthcoming soon in Work, Employment & Society. I’m also glad to say that I’ll be joining the Work, Employment & Society Associate Board from January 2018 onwards.

http://lokoli.com/?rtyt=voyance-gratuite-rencontre-amoureuse&dc9=90 On Tuesday 30th January I’ll be launching my book along with Terrell Carver, whose Marx came out this month, at a special event at the University of Bristol under the auspices of the Global Political Economy Faculty Research Group. More details to follow.