follow link PhD Social and Policy Sciences University of Bath, 1st Oct 2012-12th Jan 2017 (Pass with minor corrections)ęcia-okolicznościowe.html Funder: Economic & Social Research Council (SWDTC Global Political Economy Interdisciplinary Pathway) Supervisors: Dr. Ana C. Dinerstein (Bath), Prof. Jeffrey Henderson (Bristol) Examiners: Prof. Werner Bonefeld (York), Dr. Gregory Schwartz (Bristol), Dr. Theo Papadopoulos (Bath)

see url Thesis title: Marxian Value Theory and the ‘Crisis of Measurability’: A Case Study of Work in the Creative Industries in the UK and the Netherlands.

My thesis critically analysed the conditions, social relations and practices that make measurement possible in the contemporary workplace. It used a case study of work in the creative industries, drawing on interviews with workers in graphic design, branding and advertising in the UK and Netherlands. The case study uncovered one principal means of measurement: billable hours. I comprehended the latter by means of an analysis of the relationship between labour, time and value inspired by Marx’s critique of political economy. This highlighted the role of measurement in relating what goes on in the workplace with what goes on in the market. The market-mediated measures to which creative labour is subject, I concluded, complicate its celebration as a template for the future of work.

click MRes Global Political Economy University of Bath, Oct 2011-Sept 2012 (Distinction)

sildenafil på nätet MA Critical Global Politics University of Exeter, Oct 2009-Sept 2011 (Distinction)

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Fort Collins Colorado BA English with Media Studies Falmouth University, Sept 2005-July 2009 (First Class Honours)

follow Unit Director singletreff bad kissingen  School of Economics, Finance & Management, University of Bristol (Aug 2017-) Modules taught: anastasia dating EFIM10012 Global Business Environment (2017-18) 1st year UG, 115 students

Unit Director School of Sociology, Politics & International Studies, University of Bristol (Sep 2016-July 2017) Modules taught: 

SOCIM0021 Theories of Capitalism and Postcapitalism (2016-17) Postgraduate, 18 students, unit evaluation rating 5 out of 5

Assistant Teacher School of Economics, Finance & Management, University of Bristol (Sep 2016-July 2017) Modules taught: 

EFIM10012 Global Business Environment (2016-17) 1st year UG, 75 students, unit evaluation rating 5 out of 5

Teaching Assistant Department of Social & Policy Sciences, University of Bath (Jan 2013-July 2017) Modules taught: 

SP10044 Classical Sociological Theory (2016-17) 1st year UG, 60 students, unit evaluation rating 4 out of 5

SP30210 Conflict, Security & International Development (2016-17) 3rd year UG, 115 students, unit evaluation rating 4 out of 5

SP10043 Understanding Society: Britain in a Global Context (2016-17) 1st year UG, 80 students, unit evaluation rating 4 out of 5

SP10059 Academic and Research Skills: Introduction to Qualitative Methods (2014-15, 2016-17) 1st year UG, 50 students, unit evaluation ratings 4 out of 5

SP10044 Putting Theory to Work: Thinkers, Theories and Perspectives (2014-15) 1st year UG, 25 students, unit evaluation rating 4 out of 5

SP10043 The Foundations of Social Theory (2014-15) 1st year UG, 100 students, unit evaluation rating 4 out of 5

SP10044 Thinkers, theories and perspectives (2012-2013) 1st year UG, 50 students, unit evaluation rating 4 out of 5

Research Assistant School of Sociology, Politics & International Studies, University of Bristol (May-Aug 2017)

Project: The Value of Music in the Digital Age
Funder: Social Science Research Development Support

With this project I completed preliminary research for a future funding bid on how value is conceptualised and methodologically operationalised across disciplines including economics, psychology, anthropology, philosophy and sociology, focusing specifically on the use of contingent valuation methods.

Research Assistant Department of Arts & Cultural Industries, UWE Bristol (Aug-Nov 2016)

Project: Bristol Film & TV Industries
Funder: HEFCE Higher Education Innovation Funding

With this project I was responsible for collating data on the characteristics of companies in the film and TV sector in and around Bristol, including turnover and employee numbers, using a survey questionnaire conducted by telephone and via email. My findings will contribute towards an initial mapping exercise to guide the future research agenda.

Young Academics Network Foundation for European Progressive Studies (Nov 2015-Jun 2017)

Project(s): Labour Futures/Basic Income
Funder: Foundation for European Progressive Studies (EU)

FEPS is a European-level think-tank working closely with representatives of social democratic and socialist parties in the EU Parliament. As part of working groups on the future of labour markets and the implementation of a basic income, I work with other researchers on reports informing EU parliamentarians’ policy development.

Researcher Unite the Union South West Regional Office (Sep-Dec 2015)

Project: Insecure Young Workers in the Retail, Servicing & General Industries Sector

In this project I conducted interview, questionnaire and desk-based research looking at insecurity and precariousness among workers aged 18-30 employed in Unite’s Retail, Servicing and General Industries sector. The research feeds into a report for use by union stakeholders and an educational resource.

Visiting Researcher Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Apr-Jul 2014)

Project(s): E-Rhythms in Freelance Creative Work
Funder(s): EU COST Action IS1202 Dynamics of Virtual Work

Funded by a Short-Term Scientific Mission grant from the EU COST Action Dynamics of Virtual Work, and additional support from the Bath Alumni Fund, I worked as a visiting scholar at Erasmus University Rotterdam, conducting a research project as part of the ‘Bonding E-Rhythms’ programme, a research consortium composed of academic and private sector partners sponsored by Microsoft. I contributed a study investigating the digital temporal rhythms of freelance creative workers.

Project Researcher Creative England (Feb-Jul 2013)

Project: Creative Industries Innovation and Business Development
Funder: Economic & Social Research Council

This ESRC-funded research project incorporated desk-based research and interviews in order to help the host organisation understand the dispersion of ‘embedded’ creative employment in other parts of the economy, focusing on manufacturing, specifically the car industry. I also conducted desk-based research to build up a database of relevant resources, publications and reports with which to supply the CEO in order to support speechwriting and inform policy interventions to UK government.

Researcher Toynbee Hall (Oct 2012-Jan 2013)

Project: Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission
Tower Hamlets Borough Council

For the Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission, I worked with the lead research partner, Toynbee Hall, and the funder, Tower Hamlets Borough Council, to prepare an evidence pack for consideration by members of the public and the panel of commissioners. My research fed into a report, Is Tower Hamlets Rich or Poor?, in which I examined employment, unemployment, poverty and inequality in the borough.

ESRC Industrial Strategy Research Fund Early Career Secondment (2017-18, £8,873) This funds research and knowledge exchange with Indycube.Community, a new hybrid cooperative co-working space/trade union for freelancers and the self-employed in South Wales and new branches in England.

Hasselt University Special Research Fund Visiting Fellows Incoming Mobility Grant (2017, £1000) This supports time spent at the Faculty of Business Economics at Hasselt University, to work with Professor Patrizia Zanoni on an article on critical political economy and organisation studies.

University of Bath Graduate School Funding (2016-17, £790) This grant supported attendance at a series of  seminars on the future of the British Labour Party at the Houses of Parliament and Churchill College, Cambridge.

South West Doctoral Training Centre Academic-Led Collaboration Funding (2015-2016, £3,300) Along with Dr. Ana Dinerstein, I received funding to organise an event entitled Marx in the Key of Hope at the University of Bath in January 2016, attended by over 60 academics, activists and practitioners working in alternatives in food, land, labour, cooperation and currency.

South West Doctoral Training Centre Placement Fund (2015, £1,800) This grant supported a three month research project with Unite the Union exploring insecure and precarious working conditions among young people in Bristol and the opportunities and difficulties for union organisation that they present.

EU COST Action IS1202 ‘Dynamics of Virtual Work’ Short Term Scientific Mission Grant (2014, £1,700) This grant funded a three-month research project conducted with the Bonding E-Rhythms research consortium, consisting of academic and private sector partners including Erasmus University Rotterdam, Hague University of Applied Sciences and Microsoft.

University of Bath Alumni Fund Placement Grant (2014, £450) This grant was a contribution towards expenses associated with my participation in the Bonding E-Rhythms research programme as part of the EU COST Action Short-Term Scientific Mission detailed above.

Economic and Social Research Council Internship Scheme (2013, £3,330) This award supported a three-month research placement with Creative England.

Economic and Social Research Council 1+3 Scholarship (2011-2016, £75,000) This award covered four years of research under the SWDTC Global Political Economy pathway.